Bankers for Bernie

Once a month, I indulge in a sugar covered coffee roll. I always get it from the same cart in midtown Manhattan. Most mornings, the cart is surrounded by construction workers in hard-hats and office workers in suits. The suits (including me) are heading into the tall office towers, for jobs at banks, broker-dealers, insurance companies and law firms. [...]

FL Senate bill teaches us why Bernie Sanders is right about voting from prison.

We all have a right to choose our government. That right should be sacrosanct, and cannot not have any caveats. Bernie said as much a few days ago, to many, it sounded like a radical idea. Forgetting the millions of people disenfranchised for drug possession, too many gave into the right wing frame of asking [...]

Elizabeth Warren: “You’ve been paying a wealth tax for years…”

Elizabeth Warren has an uncanny ability to explain her policy proposals in easy to understand ways. She did that yesterday at her town hall in Nevada, and one line stood out. It explains her proposed wealth tax: https://twitter.com/daveweigel/status/1122314100363579398 As a reminder, here’s what Warren is proposing: Under Warren’s plan, the tax rate on wealth would [...]

NYT finds the “stop Sanders” Democrats they’ve been looking for, on K Street.

Thomas Edsall has an article in the NYT titled: Bernie Sanders Scares a Lot of People, and Quite a Few of Them Are Democrats Reading that headline, you’d expect they were talking about rank and file Democrats, you know voters. You’d be very wrong. The answers I got from Democrats who make their living in politics [...]

What does Medicare For All mean for those with private insurance and health care companies?

Let’s get right into it. If the Senate plan introduced by Bernie Sanders and 14 other Democrats were  to be enacted on March 1 2021, then: on Jan 1, 2025 (4th calendar year) benefits would be available to all residents of the USthose under 19 can, if they wish enroll on Jan 1, 2022 So what happens to those [...]

Bernie and 14 Democrats introduce revised Medicare For All bill in Senate

There is a long list of organizations supporting the bill. This includes DailyKos. The bill was co-sponsored by 14 other Senate Democrats, including four other presidential candidates (Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren). It is great to see so many of our fine candidates working together on an [...]

Senator Turbotax meet Congressman H&R Block

Just in time for Tax Day, the for-profit tax preparation industry is about to realize one of its long-sought goals. Congressional Democrats and Republicans are moving to permanently bar the IRS from creating a free electronic tax filing system. — www.propublica.org/... Several countries have systems that automatically calculate tax liability for most tax-payers and send it [...]

The paradigm shift we need for single-payer

In 1962, Thomas Kuhn published The Structure of Scientific Revolution a book that changed the way we think about scientific progress. Kuhn posits that scientific progress is punctuated progress where major advances are made by what he called "paradigm shifts". These paradigm shifts open unexpected areas of enquiry, and allow scientists to accumulate knowledge in [...]

The time for playing games on Medicare For All is over

Abdul El-Sayed said something yesterday that brings into focus the essential dysfunction which is the US health-care system: https://twitter.com/AbdulElSayed/status/1113096498881880066 Millions of Americans need insulin to survive. The researchers (Frederick Banting, Charles Best and James Collip) who developed insulin in the 1920s knew this and wanted to ensure the medication would remain affordable and safe. They assigned the [...]

Will anyone remember Tongo Tongo, Niger, or Yakla, Yemen the way they do “Benghazi”?

Walk down any street in the US and ask people about Tongo, Tongo, Niger, you will get blank stares. Ask them about what happened in Yakla, Yemen and you will get confused looks. Now, ask them about “Benghazi” and you’ll get an immediate reaction. Why is that? Because Republicans took the attacks on two US [...]