AOC explains how corruption on Capitol Hill works, in a 5 minute “lightning round game”.

If we are going to make progress on an ambitious progressive agenda, we will have to shine sunlight on the vested interests that have held back such change in the past. That means explaining, clearly and in an engaging format, how exactly corruption and influence work on Capitol Hill.

That’s what AOC did today with a “5 minute lightning round game” to see how much corrupt stuff she could get away with if she wanted to be a “bad guy” in Congress.

Let’s keep rocking the boat.

The panel AOC was questioning included Karen Hobert Flynn (president of Common Cause), Rudy Mehrbani (senior fellow at the Brennan Center) and Walter Shaub (former Director of the Office of Government Ethics).

Written testimony, chairman Cummings’ opening statement and transcripts of the proceedings at yesterday’s hearing on H.R. 1: Strengthening Ethics Rules for the Executive Branch are on the Oversight Committee’s page.

— @subirgrewal

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