AOC is heckled, makes it a teaching moment on how funding cuts are designed to divide us.

AOC was hosting a town hall in her district and was talking about public schools. She talked about her dad getting into Brooklyn Tech (one of the selective NYC high schools). AOC then asks why every school can’t be like Brooklyn Tech, why NYC only has a handful of such selective high schools. She was […]

Wilbur Ross and Mark Meadows are deer in headlights during hearing with Cummings and AOC

Wilbur Ross arrived for his Oversight committee hearing with all the false confidence of a billionaire who’s operated with impunity for decades. During the hearing, Ross claimed that his attempt to insert a citizenship question into the 2020 census was: Not influenced by Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach, both of whom urged him multiple times […]

Meritocracy at work: CEOs & celebrities indicted for bribing their kids way into elite colleges.

We are constantly told that this country is a meritocracy.  Actress Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens charged in a nationwide college entrance exam scandal, according to court documents filed in Boston on Tuesday.Several NCAA D-1 college coaches have also been charged in the scandal.Documents show those indicted allegedly paid millions in bribes […]